How much will my sign cost?

Pricing depends on the sign.

Something about how all our signs are custom, so pricing varies, etc etc. Here are a few things. thin air. every sign company you talk to will price differently.

  • overall dimensions
  • thickness
  • artwork detail
  • material
  • turnaround time
  • indoor vs. outdoor use
  • number of colors
  • illumination

Leave it to us.

This may sound complicated, but that’s we’re here to help. Tell us your budget, and what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you find the right solution.


That being said, we understand you need a starting point to figure out your sign budget. Here are some of our most common requests.

A one color, 5ft wide lobby sign: $__ – $___

Biggest price factors

  • Artwork complexity

A one piece wall sign: $__ – $___

In this case, much of the costs are not associated with the sign itself, but rather with shipping. Here, overall size is your biggest price factor, since this will need to ship as one single piece. Shipping prices vary on location, and may even require freight.

Example: Custom awards

  • Price range: $x – $x
  • Biggest price factor: Complexity of design, quantity and variation in artwork

Example: Double-sided, wood exterior hanging sign

  • Price range: $x – $x
  • Biggest price factor: Size, artwork complexity, and thickness

Conference room signs

  • Price range: $x – $x
  • Biggest price factor: Quantity

Lightweight, 4ft wide portable trade show or event sign

  • Price range: $x – $x
  • Biggest price factor: Artwork complexity, proximity of in-hands date

Double-sided A-frame sign

  • Price range: $x – $x
  • Biggest price factor: Artwork complexity, turnaround time

The Takeaway: Tell us what your budget is.

We’re here to help. We want to achieve the look you’re going for while staying within your budget.

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