Bark Back For iPhone

Barking on your phone has never been so classy.

These sleek, low-profile iPhone backs are made from domestic hardwoods that have been milled perfectly thin. The clear finish provides a durable surface that protects your phone from even the grittiest cafe tables.
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    • Free US Shipping and $3 international shipping
    • Measures 0.6mm thick, just slightly thinner than a credit card. Works with the Apple iPhone dock.
    • Grain pattern will vary. Don't worry, we'll avoid unsightly knots and blemishes.
    • Custom text etching available for up to 30 characters. Text will be in all caps, centered and split into two lines if necessary. We recommend cherry or maple wood for higher contrast etchings.
    • Want your logo etched on it? See ourBark Back with Logo »
  • Each Bark Back uses long-lasting adhesive to prevent unwanted peeling. Because of its durability, it's intended for one-time application only. Once you're ready to remove it, simply peel off the Bark Back and remove any leftover residue with common adhesive remover. Please note that this will likely split the wood.

Blank Bark Backs ship in 1 day. Custom etched ships in 2-5 days.

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