Custom Standing Desk

The most effective ergonomic desk is the one that’s made just for you.

We designed this desk as a response to this article about the dangers of sitting. Our goal was to design a simple, sturdy, and ergonomic standing desk that promotes healthy work habits.

The strong table legs keep the table grounded, while the architectural cross beams keep it sturdy. The cross beams also act as a footrest for tall chairs, which makes the table function well for both sitting and standing. Learn more about the design »

  • Learn how to find your elbow height
  • Adjustable foot pads give up to 1-1/2" of height adjustment, provide floor protection, and compensates for uneven floors
  • Need a chair for your standing desk? We recommend this one, but here's a few things to look for while shopping.
  • Want a motor-powered, adjustable height desk? Let us know. We’ll custom make a tabletop to your choice of size, color, and finish to fit your GeekDesk base (sold separately).

Turnaround time for one standing desk is 3-4 weeks. Sorry, we don't offer nationwide shipping. 

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