The Finial

The Forrest Gump of Wood

Own this piece of history and carry on the tradition started by some of America's greatest leaders.

Rare is the chance to truly know the story of a piece of wood. We pride ourselves on only using multi-generational wood with full documentation.

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    • Here's the story.

      DateOwnerThe Story
      1739 George Washington Our first president chopped down a cherry tree. While he admitted the deed to his father, he kept the wood and built a dining set.
      1848 James W. Marshall Marshall salvaged a leg from the presidential table and made a sledgehammer hande from it. He took that hammer West and became the first gold prospector
      1869 Leland Stanford Leland Stanford reused the sledgehammer to drive the Golden Spike, completing the Transcontinental Railroad.
      2002 Sergey Brin and Larry Page Page found the broken hammer on the Stanford campus, and used it as a doorstop to let the breeze into their dorm room. Google is born from a comfortable work area.
      2013 Tinkering Monkey The hammer was won at auction and turned into what you see here.
      2013 You Personal statment piece for your vehicle.

Hurry, we only made one. Also, happy April Fool's day!

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