Wabi Necklace

Simple, modest, and unconventional.

The word "wabi" comes from the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy of perfect beauty being a result of imperfections. The rustic simplicity and understated elegance of this necklace comes from the quirks and anomalies in each piece that reflect the process of construction, cut of wood, and the tree it comes from.

Because of the natural material and finish, the piece may exhibit changes over time - adding patina that will only add beauty with age.

  • Available in Cocobolo wood or Bocote wood. A baby-safe, cherry wood pendant with all-natural beeswax finish can be made by request for mothers with teething babies.
  • Personalize the necklace by adding a name, initials, or short message. All text is laser etched in Archer on the back center of the pendant.
  • Large pendant measures 3in. tall and 2.5in. wide, small pendant measures 1.5in. tall and 1.25in. wide
  • 28" long antique copper chain
  • Durable, long-lasting finish with a natural sheen.
  • See how it was made

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