We’re growing fast, and looking for someone to join our team to manage our workload.

Tinkering Monkey is a signage studio that specializes in custom architectural signage. We’re looking for someone who is detail-oriented, thrives in multi-tasking, and is confident managing a team and a wide array of custom projects.

You like to get stuff done.

We’re looking for someone to ensure we’re working as efficiently as possible.

  1. Planning: You’d lead the team in prioritizing projects, estimating finish dates, and forecasting capacity for incoming work.
  2. Executing the vision: You’d work with our creative director to help execute the vision by breaking down projects into tasks.
  3. Maximizing efficiency: As keeper of our production calendar, you’d be responsible for making sure tasks are completed on time—and that everyone stays busy.
  4. Logistics: You’d work with our customers to provide production updates and schedule/plan details around all shipments and installations.

You believe in quality work.

Doing custom, quality work is hard. Not only is efficiency important, but the quality is as well. You’d be working with the creative director to quality check work and maintain fabrication notes for re-orders and similar projects. If customer issues arise, you’d work with customer support to figure out how to support delays and schedule any redos.

As a small studio, we need a project manager who’s scrappy and can handle the unpredictable. With custom work, things can go off course, as there are many unknows. This can involve removing roadblocks, accommodating last minute changes, and mitigating risk.

You’re a people person.

You might have a background (or at least an interest) in skilled hands-on work—but would rather support and manage a team, rather than do the work yourself. You seek to find what works best for Tinkering Monkey by experimenting with different management styles, processes, and tools. We would lean on you to support the fabrication team.

As with any growing company, this can be an unstructured and shifting environment. There’s a shared understanding that we’re still learning as we go, and we’re passionate about improving our products and processes.