Tinkering Monkey is a signage studio that uses today’s tools to make the art of traditional signmaking accessible to everyone.

We started Tinkering Monkey as a way to create things we believe have meaning and longevity. In today’s disposable world, we find passion in creating something that will be cherished for years to come.
We love that each sign that goes out our doors has its own unique character. We put the same effort into every sign as if it were our own, and we find ourselves just as excited finishing today’s signs as we were with our first.


  • Mike Cheung
    Mike CheungCo-Founder, Production

    Mike is a DIY enthusiast, published author, and avid cyclist with a habit of taking things apart and putting them back together as he sees fit. He grew up in Georgia shootin’ guns and cow tipping, but now lives a much safer life as a product designer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Paula Chang
    Paula ChangCo-Founder, Growth

    Paula is a Silicon Valley native who had early exposure to technology, leading to a career crafting brands online and offline. When she’s not in front of the computer, you can find her practicing yoga, booking flights to faraway places, or experimenting with world cuisine in the kitchen.

  • Eryka Ueltzen
      Eryka UeltzenSales/Operations

      Eryka is one of those people who will totally wear a fake nose ring to freak out her aunt, but will bring an amazing quiche to brunch so it doesn’t even matter. Dogs love her. Babies fall asleep on her. Her husband Neil and French Bulldog Mimzy are definitely lucky she is there to organize their lives. When she’s not making sure you have the best possible experience with Tinkering Monkey, she’s probably doing squats until she can’t feel her legs—or drinking coffee.

    • Jonathan Sorgman
        Jonathan SorgmanSign Fabricator

        Jonathan comes from a family of sign makers with roots in Mexico and California.  His passion for sign making, woodworking, tinkering, and upcycling is readily apparent in all of his work. Jonathan enjoys the finer things like The Office and Parks and Rec. He can also be spotted around town playing soccer, saxophone, snowboarding and enjoying the outdoors.

      • Mimzy
          MimzyChief Napping Officer

          Mimzy hates long walks on the beach – she prefers short sprints with a Frisbee. She has a BA in burying waterbottles in the garden, but keeps busy at Tinkering Monkey by performing her daily Mailman Watch Duties, begging for carrots and falling asleep in weird positions.

        • Sunny
            SunnyHead of Security

            When he’s not soaking up the sweet morning rays that come streaming into the shop, Sunny can be found on max alert. Squirrels, raccoons, and cats have learned to give us a wide berth when he’s around.

          OUR STUDIO

          Tinkering Monkey is located in a 100 year old brick-and-timber warehouse space in Berkeley, California. The building housed a bank in the 1950’s, with the original cast iron vault still operational. In 6 short years, we’ve gone from one car garage to a 3,000 sq ft warehouse. See our space »


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