We exist to create things where passion and purpose come together.

Tinkering Monkey is a custom architectural signage studio that takes a fresh, modern approach to crafting custom signage.

By combining cutting-edge technology with traditional and unique materials, we help bring brands to life. Tinkering Monkey has fabricated signs for over 3,000 companies nationwide, right from their studio in Berkeley, California.

Roots in Design

Tinkering Monkey was founded by veterans in branding and product design, which is why we see things from a different perspective—one that puts our client’s vision first.

  • Paula Chang
    Paula ChangCo-Founder, Business Development

    Paula is a Silicon Valley native who had early exposure to technology, leading to a career crafting brands online and offline. Before Tinkering Monkey, she spent a decade in digital marketing and user experience design.

  • Mike Cheung
    Mike CheungCo-Founder, Production Manager

    Mike is a DIY enthusiast (hence the company name), published author, and all-around problem solver. Before starting Tinkering Monkey, he was an industrial designer, working on products for clients such as OXO, HP, and Ford.

We are a woman-owned and minority-owned business, striving to close the revenue and employment gap to create a more diverse, balanced and sustainable economy.

Meet the Team

We’re a diverse group of creators, dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind signage that empowers brands that bring innovation and positive change to the world. We’re committed to each other, those we work with, and the communities which we serve.

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The Monkeyplex

Tinkering Monkey owns and operates a 33,000 sq ft industrial complex in Berkeley, California. It was purchased in 2020 with the vision of building the most efficient manufacturing facility from the ground up.

Each building is packed with the latest technological wizardry (and the wizards to operate it), with near limitless fabrication capabilities.

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Waste is a huge problem in our industry. We’re tackling it by reusing, recycling, and making sustainable choices whenever possible.

We run on 100% solar and wind power, generated here in California.

All our acrylic and metal signs are LEED certified.

All our hardwoods are sourced from the US and are FSC certified.

We only use low or ultra low VOC paint, per CA law.

Our metal signs contain 20% recycled material
Our acrylic signs contain 40% recycled material
100% of metal scrap and most of acrylic scrap are recycled
More than half of our packing material is reused


These in-depth guides will help you create signs your team will love.

The Lazy Designer’s Guide to ADA Signage

We read 279 pages of the ADA Standards for Accessible Design so you don’t have to.

This guide covers:

  • Icons, symbols, and pictograms
  • Size and placement of ADA signs
  • ADA Text Standards
  • Color and finish requirements
  • Braille basics
  • How to typeset Braille

Sign Installation Guides

Sign installation has never been so easy. Find instructions and get your sign from box to wall in no time.

This guide covers:

  • How to identify the type of install you need
  • What you need to install your sign
  • How to install your sign, step by step