It’s been a great year for signage. Here’s why.

Talented designers continue to push the boundaries of signage.

2018 was the year of optical illusions: holographic film, color play, and signs that are larger-than-life.

Creative teams challenged us this year with designs that ride the line between branding and art.

Finally, one thing our nation agrees on—sweet signage.

From tech startups to comedy clubs and coffee vending machines to celebrity Halloween parties, custom signs are creating first impressions everywhere you look.


This year, we’ve really felt the local love.

Half of what we produced stayed right here in our home state of California.

The runner up? New York.

Seeing smiles is what makes us come to work every day.

The gleeful feeling that people get when they cap off their space with a new sign is infectious, even through social media. Keep ’em coming!

Man standing in front of illuminated dropbox sign, made by tinkering monkey

It has been an incredible year.

In the past twelve months, we’ve doubled our team, creating new products and cut our turnaround time in half—all to serve our customers better.

From the bottom of our heart: thank you.