Custom signage that transformed 38 cookie-cutter spaces into beautiful, branded offices—at lightning speed.



Custom signage that transformed 38 cookie-cutter spaces into beautiful, branded offices—at lightning speed.


Knotel, an office space rental agency, needed custom signage to help make their new tenants feel at home. As their San Francisco signage partner, we streamlined the process to tailor sign packages for their tenants—just in time for grand reveals.


Knotel provides fast, flexible office spaces to companies so they can grow and scale as needed.

Knotel was founded in 2015 in response to a growing need for centrally located workspaces without long term contracts. It now has over 5 million square feet across 300+ locations in four continents.


Build custom sign packages to transform thirty-eight new spaces into branded offices—at lightning speed.

Knotel has a wide variety of tenants, so each office build-out must look unique and offer tailored branding for that specific company. Additionally, each space needed to go from demolition to fully-furnished and ready for move-in within weeks.

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Work alongside the Knotel team to streamline the process of tailoring sign packages for each tenant.

Knotel’s design team looked to us to provide signage for an entire office—from lobby signs to room signs—on-brand, on-budget, and on-time. The more we learned about their spaces and tenants, the more we were able to identify patterns, allowing both our teams to create custom solutions with unbelievably fast turnaround.


Cohesive and functional signage that make each space one-of-a-kind for Knotel’s wide range of tenants.

We fabricated hundreds of custom signs, each built to tell the company’s story and work around the constraints of the physical space. And because each workplace was created to be flexible and adaptable, signage was always designed to be removed, transported, or repurposed at the drop of a hat.


Signage that makes the Day One experience inspiring for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Meaningful signage went a long way in making Knotel’s tenants feel at home. Excited employees were greeted with their company logo in the lobby, team values emblazoned on walls, and meeting room signs with clever names. Starting the workday in a new space is one thing, but walking into a space that’s fully branded? That’s cause for celebration.

(Video: Knotel)
—Nima Jelveh, Customer Experience Leader at Benchling
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  • Client: Knotel
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Size: various
  • Type: Office
  • Date: 2018-2020

Services Provided

  • 3D renderings and technical drawings
  • Consultation
  • Sign fabrication
  • Full installation

Project Types

  • Illuminated signage
  • Moss signage
  • Wayfinding signage
  • Divider walls
  • Reception desk/wall signage
  • Neon style signage
  • Freestanding signage
  • Moveable signage