Building a full suite of signage to help reveal a top-secret re-branding project, in person—and in record time.


We populated Thumbtack’s new space with a suite of signage just in time to make their grand reveal a smashing success.

Old logo vs. new logo. (Source: Thumbtack)


Thumbtack connects millions of people with local skilled professionals.

Thumbtack, named one of Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2018, enables hundreds of thousands of skilled professionals to build successful businesses in turn helps millions of customers get their projects done.

(Image: Thumbtack)


Create signage to help open a brand new HQ and launch a pivotal re-brand…under a veil of secrecy.

It was the beginning of a new era for Thumbtack. The ~500 person organization  moved into their new 80,000 sq ft headquarters in San Francisco, and needed signage to make their new space—and satellite office in Salt Lake City—feel like home. The biggest challenge? Getting it all done in time (and under wraps) for Self Made, a celebration of the new Thumbtack brand.

(Image: Thumbtack)
(Images: Thumbtack, Studio BBA)


Stay flexible. Communicate often.

Being on an agressive timeline meant working closely with the Thumbtack team throughout the entire process. By focusing on the effort in phases, we were able to execute projects as other decisions were being made. Process photos from our studio were shared daily with the design team, showing their hard work coming into fruition.


Signage that adapts to specific needs and is easily extendable for company growth.

By putting our two teams together, we figured out everything from how to create an office signage system that can easily extend as they grow, to how to turning a ATM machine cover-up at the event venue into a permanent art piece for their breakout room.

Thumbtack lobby before
Thumbtack lobby after
Thumbtack overhead before
Thumbtack overhead after
“Thanks for producing high quality work, being punctual and professional with the install, and for just being fun folks to be around. The compliments are flowing around the office – it’s amazing how the space is transformed already.”
—Andrew Wendling, Design Lead at Thumbtack


Signage that invites employees and members to make a meaningful, in-person connection with their new brand.

Though the Thumbtack team works in a digital space, their passion lies in facilitating transactions in the real world. By revealing the new brand in tactile ways, they were able to make a positive splash at their event—and beyond.

(Image: Great Place to Work)
A huge thanks to Jill Thomas, Andrew Wendling, and the Thumbtack team for welcoming us into your beautiful space, trusting us with your new brand, and feeding us incredible pizza. The support you provide our team is a true testament to your commitment in helping small businesses grow.




  • Client: Thumbtack
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Size: 80,000 sq ft
  • Type: Office
  • Date: March 2018

Services Provided

  • 3D renderings and technical drawings
  • Consultation
  • Sign fabrication
  • Full installation

Project Types

  • Logo signage
  • Room and wayfinding signs
  • Event signs
  • Wall art
  • Gallery art placards