Elevate your logo with a brilliant splash of light.

Illuminated signs in six distinct styles.

All illuminated signs start at $1,000.

Interior lit

Lights are sandwiched between a front and back panel.

Back Lit

This is a multiple piece sign with lights hidden behind each part.

Face Lit

Your artwork is formed into acrylic shapes that emit light.

Edge Lit

Clear acrylic artwork diffuses light from the edges.

Neon style

Your artwork is formed into round, neon-style shapes that emit light.


Lights are encapsulated in a closed frame, lighting up an artwork panel.


Custom wood and painted lightbox sign for Infuse, a San Francisco based full-service design and software development agency.

Looks great day or night

Quality colors and finishes ensure that your sign looks great with the lights on or off.

Hassle-free setup

Each sign is pre-wired and ready to go out of the box. You can plug it in the nearest outlet, conceal the wires in the wall, or even power it with a battery.

Long-lasting LEDs

Never worry about replacing a bulb. Energy efficient LEDs will last for years with zero maintenance.