Brass signage: 26 stunning examples of new takes on an old classic

These 26 companies figured out how to brighten up their space with a brass sign—and we’ll show you how, too. Get inspired with signs that achieve that iconic look without getting gaudy.

(Note: We recommend keeping an open mind around materials, since brass signs can be pricey. To help with that, we’re including alternate materials with ratings on a budget scale of $ to $$$$.)

Stay classic with brass letters

While historical signs are actually made from solid brass, newer signs are often made from materials that look like brass.

  • The Wing: Brushed solid bronze ($$$$)
  • Welcome: Gold anodized aluminum ($$)
  • Blackfinch: Fabricated metal ($$$)
  • IMOK: Solid, polished brass ($$$$)

Go old school with brass panels

Brass panels or plaques are either cast, etched, or engraved. These examples show etched artwork, which captures the highest amount of detail.

  • PacMutual: Etched brass with black fill ($$$)
  • VerveWine: Faux brushed gold ($$)
  • NoLabel: Aged brass ($$)
  • Acne: Polished brass ($$$$)
See project: Verve Wine blade sign
Source: Solid Frog

Stay chic in brass and white

This combination provides a clean look with a hint of luxury. You’ll often see this timeless look in hospitality: hotels, restaurants, spas, and resorts.

  • QSpa: Painted acrylic and wood ($)
  • 4012: Acrylic ($)
  • Mrs: Foil on marble ($$)
See project: Q Spa
Source: Etsy
Image: Urban Mettle

Be bold with brass and black

Pairing brass with black, on the other hand can bring drama to a space. Look for this striking combination in upscale hotels, boutiques, restaurants, and clubs.

  • 4: Gold anodized aluminum on black painted brick ($$)
  • West Coast Wine and Cheese: Painted acrylic on black dyed wood ($$)
  • Notarize: Gold paint and black dyed wood ($)
  • PH8: Brushed bronze on black slate ($$$)
See project: Notarize
Image: Etsy

Get creative with jewel tones

The best colors to pair with brass and gold? Think jewel tones.

  • Plum
  • Emerald green
  • Blush pink
  • Navy
Source: The Wing
Source: Unknown
Source: Bradburn home

Stay natural in brass and wood

For a more down-to-earth, mid-century look, try brass and dark wood. Brass brings out the warm tones in walnut and other dark woods.

  • The Club Room: Gold foil on solid Walnut ($$)
  • Corcoran Caterers: Painted acrylic on torched wood ($$)
  • Coffee: Wood and custom brass hardware ($$$$)
  • Maple Street Consulting: Painted acrylic on torched wood ($$)
See project: Corcoran Caterers

Get industrial with brass and concrete

Pairing brass with raw materials like concrete can brings an interesting, modern touch to a space.

  • A: Engraved concrete and brass ($$$)
  • Waffles and Coffee: Brass inlay on concrete floor ($$$$)
  • Cafe: Anodized gold aluminum on concrete ($$$)
Source: Unknown
See project: Twenty Six Cafe
Source: Hullebusch

What look suits your space?

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  • Classic: Brass letters
  • Old school: Brass panel
  • Chic: Brass + white
  • Bold: Brass + black
  • Creative: Brass + jewel tones
  • Natural: Brass + wood
  • Industrial: Brass + concrete
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