Top 10 Signs, Ninth Edition: Coffee, QR Codes, and Teeth

We’ve shipped a whopping number of signs lately, but here are the top ten designs from our customers that pushed the limits.

Read on to see how we made signs involving coffee, QR codes, and teeth in our latest roundup of signs.

1. Chill Pill

A classic style sign with a colorful, modern twist. Sign for ODL Orthodontic Lab »

Retro-style, pill-shaped exterior blade sign with brass/gold frame, light wood style insert and full color logo for Orthodent Laboratory (ODL), a digital orthodontics lab based in Buffalo, New York.

2. Coffee Stop

This sign is in the perfect spot to catch the morning light and awaken the coffee monster within. Exterior Wall Sign for Verve Coffee »

3. Making waves

A sign that waves back at ya ? Sign for Sunset Healing Arts »

Simple round blade sign with gradient ocean/wave artwork for the storefront of Sunset Healing Arts, a wellness center in San Francisco, California.

4. Art Nouveau

? Cheers to the sign that’s putting everyone in good spirits. Sign for Aimsir Distilling »

Black and white dimensional lightbox sign with Art Nouveau inspired artwork and typography for the tasting room of Aimsir Distilling Co, a spirits distillery in Portland, Oregon.

5. Mane Menu

Who can use a coffee break right now? Signs for Noble Coffee »

Rectangular, freestanding, "served here" wood retail sign with forest green print for Noble Coffee Roasting, an award-winning coffee roasting company based out of Ashland, Oregon.

6. Hint of Orange

Can you spot the orange on this sign? Sign for YoLabs »

White metal sign with coral orange painted edges for the exterior monument sign of Yohana (Yo Labs), a Palo Alto, CA-based stealth startup on a mission to improve health and wellness.

7. Quick Scan

This isn’t the first time we’ve printed violet on wood, and it certainly won’t be the last. This combo is always ?⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ Signs for Nuun »

Large wood loyalty club tabletop signs with blue print and QR code for Nuun, a Seattle, WA based company dedicated to creating hydration products.

8. Smile On

We love a sign with a little smirk. Sign for Image Orthodontics »

Cyan blue, rigid, boxed blade sign with raised dimensional white letters/logo for Image Orthodontics, an orthodontic office in San Francisco, CA.

9. Southwest Charm

A sign that matches your business is so much more than just aesthetics. Sign for Dental Arts of Santa Fe »

Dark, forest green, painted wood sign with copper logo for the main entrance of Dental Arts of Santa Fe, a cosmetic dentist in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

10. Order Up

True story: fellow in a golf cart rolled by and saw us putting up these signs. He sighs and says, “Well, there goes $200 a month. I was doing so well when the last coffee shop there closed down!” This one’s for you, Mr. caffeine addicted golf cart guy!  Roofline Sign for Verve Coffee Roasters »

White hanging roofline sign for freestanding Verve Coffee Roasters building at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in Menlo Park, CA.
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