Top 10 Signs, Tenth Edition: Plywood, Beef, and Overgrown Ivy

We’ve shipped a whopping number of signs lately, but here are the top ten designs from our customers that pushed the limits.

Read on to see how we made signs involving plywood, beef, and overgrown ivy in our latest roundup of signs.

1. Laying it on thick

Plywood is underrated—we love the look of this ultra thick, layered wood sign. Wood sign for Collective Health »

White logo with thick, layered plywood edges on blue painted lobby wall at the San Mateo office of Collective Health, a San Francisco based health-care technology startup that seeks to simplify employer-sponsored health insurance.

2. Ultra minimalist

Pinterest inspiration ➡️ Reality. Sign for Anyon Atelier »

Minimal, black and white boxed blade sign on historical building for Anyon Atelier, a San Francisco based dealer focusing on upscale home goods, including furniture, contemporary art and decorative objects.

3. Growing over

When the final product looks *just* like the client’s sketch. Sign for EVbox »

Custom metal planter box with integrated logo for EVBox, an electric vehicle supply equipment company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Designed by Evelina Freeman for Workplace Studio.

4. Prime time

Quality signs for quality beef. Sign for Toriyama Umami Wagyu »

Luxe, custom painted metallic gold tabletop retail signs for Toriyama Umami Wagyu, a service that delivers the Wagyu beef from Japan to anywhere in the world. Created for Awano Food Group, a protein-focused food group.

5. Moss Grown

Keep moving offices??Pro tip: A framed moss piece is perfect for when you can’t commit to a full wall installation. Sign for Looka »

Simple framed moss sign with white frame and logo for Looka, an AI-powered graphic design platform based in Toronto, Canada.

6. Red Hot

A traffic-stopping sign for a cafe opening.⁠⁠ Sign for SPRO Coffee Lab »

Illuminated, edge-lit, bold red interior wall sign for Spro, a cafe in San Francisco offering espresso drinks, mocktails and eats.

7. Full grain

A classic wood sign—with a modern twist. Conference room sign for Omada Health »

Walnut wood sign with white edges for the board room of Omada Health, an occupational health service based in San Francisco, California.

8. Halo effect

A brightly lit sign to mark a company’s new home. Exterior building sign for Lyra »

Halo-lit/backlit, modern illuminated sign on dark painted building exterior for the Burlingame, CA headquarters of Lyra Health, a provider of innovative mental health benefits.

9. Glowing green

A neon green so bright it practically glows. Sign for Delinea »

Extra thick, bold, neon green sign on charcoal painted wall in the lobby of Delinea, a software company in Redwood City, CA.

10. Getting wild

What if a jungle took over your office? We’d be ok with that. Living wall sign for Patreon »

(Greenery by Habitat Horticulture)
Bright, coral-orange dimensional logo on living plant wall at the headquarters of San Francisco based company Patreon, a membership platform that provides business tools for content creators to run a subscription service.
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