3 steps to help people navigate your space—without interrupting your staff

Hooray—you’ve moved into a new space! Now you’re faced with a new challenge: nobody knows where things are, and the temporary post-its just aren’t cutting it.

Say hello to wayfinding signage: graphical cues to answer the questions “Where am I?”and “Where do I go?” Follow the three steps below, and you’re just a few weeks away from a clearer and more thoughtful space that will inspire everyone to get back to hustlin’.

Step #1: Label spaces

Stop putting the lefovers in the bathroom and holding meetings in the server closet. Clear room signage identifies spaces for all, and is an opportunity to add branding throughout your space. Learn more about room and door signs »

Step #2: Guide the way

It’s been 3 years and you’re still using a GPS in the office? Directional and informational signage inform visitors where they are, and guide them to where they want to go. Learn more about wayfinding signage »

Step 3: Provide access to all

Everybody poops. Help make sure that happens in the right place with signage that’s easy to read, both visually and through touch. Learn more about ADA compliant signs »

Need to convince your manager? Give ’em these reasons:

  1. Save time: Direct visitors without having to interrupt staff for directions.
  2. Fully integrate your brand: Provide visitors numerous contact points with your brand, reinforcing their impression of their visit.
  3. Reduce cost: A modular sign system that considers future needs is simpler and more cost-effective to maintain.

Let us help you look awesome.

We’d love to help you spiff your space up! Whether you’re starting a new business, empowering a team, or making a first impression—count us in.

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Whether you're starting new, empowering a team, or making a first impression—count us in.