When will I receive my order?

How long it takes to receive your order depends on your chosen turnaround time and what’s involved with your project.

We offer two different turnaround types:
1. Standard Turnaround
2. Guaranteed In-hands Date (upgrade)

• When the order was placed: We take projects on a first come, first serve basis.  That means that our availability changes as our production queue gets filled Projects are not scheduled until the order is placed.

Standard turnaround

Our standard turnaround typically takes 3-8 weeks depending on:

• Complexity to produce the sign
• Overall size: Your sign may take longer to produce if it’s larger than 5ft wide in either direction.

• Production delays: Production delays may occur, though we try our best to stay on schedule.

We choose not to rush – quality of product. Turnaround times tend to run closer to 6-8 weeks between September through January. We recommend contact us two months before you need signage.

process timeline turnaround time

Orders with Expedited Turnaround may be as quick as a few days. However, we are not able to expedited most orders.
Depending on our workload, we may or may not be able to accomodate your request. If we are able to accomodate your request, please note that there is an additional fee of 20%-50% of the sign cost. This actual fee varies depending on your in-hands date and project complexity.


• shipping destination: We ship all orders from our studio in California. It takes one day to ship to the San Francisco Bay Area, and 5 days to ship to New York.

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