What kind of artwork file do I need?

1. File type

We’ll need a vector file of your artwork. This is an EPS or AI file that was created by your logo designer, usually in Adobe Illustrator. Converting a JPG, PNG, or GIF into a EPS or AI file won’t work, as we need the original file the artwork was created in. We do not accept Photoshop files.

2. Colors

Make sure that all artwork is 100% black on a white background. In other words, do not include colors or greys.

3. Outline your text

Make sure all editable text is converted into flat artwork. To do this, select the text in the document, and go to Type > Create Outlines.

4. Detail level

While our machine can etch to an incredible level of detail, we have a few guidelines for best results.

For etching:

  • Text size: At least 1/4″ tall
  • Line weight:  At least 0.5pt

For cutting:

  • We recommend all lines to be at least 1/2″ thick to be structurally sound.
Smyte wood tabletop sign
Smyte wood tabletop sign

This example shows the thinnest line work that we recommend for etching.

Wild Ink Brushed Gold Sign
Wild Ink Brushed Gold Sign

This example shows the thinnest line work that we recommend for cutting.

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