Flat Artwork vs. Dimensional Artwork


Raised artwork vs. flat artwork

Side by side comparison

Raised Etched
Maximum size of sign None. Signs over 8′ x 4′ will need to be tiled. 35.5″ x 23.5″ for a single part
Minimum size for artwork 1/8″ minimum thickness None
Durability High High
Portability Thin parts can be broken if mistreated High
Legibility High, with better low-light visibility High
Cost difference Higher part counts will yield a higher cost Complexity has no effect on cost


Both of these signs are painted with platinum artwork. The raised sign’s artwork is cut from acrylic, and then painted silver. The etched sign is masked, laser etched, and then silver painted directly onto the wood.


The words “Development, LLC” are at the minimum thickness for raised artwork.


Price difference

Pricing for raised signs is partially dependent on part count. Each piece is cut, painted, and assembled by hand. Etched signs are created as a single piece, so complexity does not affect price.

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