Your logo is water jet cut from aluminum, then hard anodized to protect and highlight the brushed finish. Metal signs are excellent for interior use, yet tough enough for the great outdoors.


Metal sign in Platinum


1/4″ thick brushed aluminum is clear anodized to look great on almost any wall color.

Metal sign in Gold


1/4″ thick brushed aluminum is gold anodized for a rich look that stands out on almost any wall color.

Metal sign in Bronze


1/4″ thick brushed aluminum is anodized an antiqued bronze color for a subtle metallic look. Ideal for lighter walls.


Massage Hope Floating Metal Sign in Platinum

Floating Sign

Your artwork is cut out of metal and will arrive in individual parts.

  • Great for: Large signs with bold details, permanent signage.
  • Not ideal for: Distressed logos, fine detail
  • Metal thickness: 1/4″
  • Installation: Individual parts are installed on the wall with threaded studs (see instructions). Spacers will be included with every order, and are optional during installation.
Few Metal and Wood Hanging Sign

Raised Sign

Your artwork is cut out of metal and attached to a backer board. The sign will arrive as one unit.

  • Great for: Medium to large signs with details no smaller than 1/4″. Also great for signs that need to be portable.
  • Not ideal for: Distressed logos or fine detail.
  • Metal thickness: 1/4″
  • Standoffs: 1/4″ spacers are standard, unless part dimensions are too small.
  • Installation: Choose between wall display or hanging. Keyhole slots or a French cleat will be included on the back for wall display; eyelets are installed on the top for hanging. Sign brackets are available as an optional add-on.


Floating metal sign installation

With Standoffs

Spacers are included with every metal floating sign order. Spacers are either 1/4″ or 1/2″ depending on sign size.

Floating metal sign installation

Without standoffs

Omit the spacers during installation.



Anodized finishes are not just coatings—they are a part of the finished aluminum sign.  Anodizing is an electrochemical process that hardens the surface and allows it to be colorized.


  • Abrasion and weather resistant
  • Beautiful finish
  • Increases hardness and durability
  • Will not crack, peel, or rust
  • Unaffected by sunlight/UV rays
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easily cleaned with soap and water

Limitations: Anodization requires all pieces to have a minimum 2″ in height. If you have artwork pieces smaller than 2″ height and would still like a metallic color, we’ll recommend a paint color that is the closest match to our anodized color offerings.

Note: Actual color may vary from order to order due to the anodizing process. Finishes can slightly change in appearance over time depending on contact with moisture and temperature.


Anodized aluminum is a superior coating that is both weather and abrasion resistant. However, any sign, especially when used outdoors, will get dirty. Varied climatic and industrial conditions may impact your sign’s finish. Regular basic cleaning is recommended using a mild dish soap and water to better retain the original luster.


  • Clean with a soft cloth, warm water, and a mild dish soap.
  • Remove fingerprints with a glass cleaner or white vinegar, followed by a warm water rinse.


  • Do not use solvent-based thinners or abrasive cleaners, as they can cause the finish to fail.
  • Never use Comet, Ajax, Softscrub, or similar common household cleaners. They can scratch the finish and some can cause corrosion.