Why do some of your signs have dark edges?

Some of our signs have dark edges from the laser cutting process. A beam of intense infrared energy is focused onto the material, vaporizing it instantly and leaving a slightly scorched edge. Cool, huh?

Quantopian White Wood Sign

Quantopian White Wood Sign

Our machine is the happiest cutting 1/4″ wood, so we cut parts out in multiple layers and precisely glue them together to build up any thickness you’d like. Our standard thickness is 3/4″, but we have made parts over 3″ thick.

Here’s a video of our laser cutting wood parts both in real time and sped up. The energy beam passes completely through the wood, and a small air pump helps to push the smoke and hot gasses out the backside. We sand and seal every piece before creating a sign part, so no smoke or burning residue remains on the front.


The darkened edges are matte, and actually do an excellent job of visually blending the layers together. They also create a drop shadow effect that helps make your wood sign very legible on any color wall.

It is worth noting that painting the edges a light color can highlight the layering effect.

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