From Powdered Tea to Footed Sweatpants: 10 Innovative Small Businesses to Support with Your Dollar

Join us in supporting your small business community—because shopping small is a big deal.

To help you out, we put together a list of some really great people that we’ve worked with over the years. These aren’t sponsored—we just want to support our fellow small business owners.

From Powdered Tea to Footed Sweatpants: 10 Innovative Small Businesses to Support with Your Dollar

1. Tea Drops

It’s like a bath bomb…but for tea. These compressed, loose leaf teas dissolve instantly in hot water, allowing tea lovers enjoy tea on the go.

(Instagram: @myteadrop)

2. Maker’s Market

A store where everything is American made. Maker’s Market is a store that sells timeless and well-designed goods.You can buy their wares online, as well as read about the makers behind them.

3. Dandelion Chocolate

A bean-to-bar chocolate factory. We’re serious chocolate eaters, and Dandelion Chocolate creates some of the best chocolate we’ve ever had.

(Instagram: @dandelionchocolate)


Skincare with a powerful ingredient that’s good for your skin—and the planet. The secret to LXMI‘s line of skincare is a rare ingredient called Nilotica, which also helps marginalized East African women find dignified work.

(Photo: LXMI and Glamorable)

5. Verve Wine

A new way to discover, buy, and drink wine. Verve Wine was founded to make discovering great wine as easy as possible, by connecting producers, emerging winemakers, and family-owned properties worldwide, to wine lovers via great bottles.

6. Boba Guys

Really, really good pearl milk tea: Boba Guys have perfected their signature drink by using Real tea leaves, local milk, housemade syrups.

Instagram:  @soolain)

7. Ugmonk

Shirts and desk accessories with a minimal aesthetic: Jeff Sheldon started Ugmonk as a small side project to design t-shirts, which eventually grew into a full-blown lifestyle brand run by his family. (We’re honored to have made his sign, too)

(Photo: Ugmonk)

8. Lacquerbar

Get a manicure while sipping a mimosa: Lacquerbar not only provides drinks with their manicures, they also provide their nail techs educational opportunities and business skills.

(Photo: Lacquerbar)

9. Molly Moon’s

Showstopping homemade ice cream: Seattle-based ice cream shop Molly Moon’s makes unique ice cream from the finest ingredients—like organic Early Grey tea and Girl Scout Thin Mints cookies.

10. Feejays

Keep those hands and feet warm: Feejays makes sweatpants with feet and sweaters with mitts. We’re obsessed.

(Instagram: @feejays)

Grab a friend or family member today and support the small businesses that make your community vibrant and unique.

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