Top 10 Signs, First Edition: Mirrors, minigolf, and a science fair

We’ve shipped more than 150 signs in the last 12 weeks, but here are the ten that made it on our list of favorites.

As we head into fall, we reflect on the signs that we worked on this past summer. As always, thanks to our amazing customers for giving us the opportunity to work on their projects.

10. Google Science Fair

We rarely take on non-signage projects, but we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work on props for the new Google Science Fair video. See project »

Custom cut wood blocks for Google Science Fair stop motion video

9. Outdoor Voices

When Outdoor Voices approached us to make mirrored sidewalk signage, they weren’t kidding around. We had a blast making these custom, dichroic film A-frame signs for all their new retail locations. See project »

dichroic mirrored a-frame sign for outdoor voices

8. The Wing

The Wing, a social club for women, reached out to us to make signs for their new San Francisco location—including these room signs. We were asked to match their colors spot on, include Braille in an elegant way, and look just like the signs at their east coast locations. We were more than excited to dive into the challenge. See project »

Back printed and painted acrylic standoff sign for the mother's room at The Wing, a co-working space for women.

7. Envoy

It’s not often that a customer requests their sign to match their wall color, so we were intrigued. This lobby sign for Envoy reveals a pop of color as you walk around it. See project »

Challenge The Status Quo Lobby Sign at Envoy
Challenge The Status Quo sign at the Envoy office lobby. (Photo: Amy Devereux)

6. Ember Conference 2018

We made a huge stage sign for Ember Conference 2017, so we were excited to go tiny with this year’s conference. A dozen of these signs were displayed on tables throughout the event, allowing the staff to brand the space in minutes. See project »

red script freestanding cocktail table sign for Ember Conference 2018

5. Perc Coffee

We’ve worked with Perc Coffee on their retail signs over the years, and we were excited to use our new UV printing technology on the latest run. These signs will be displayed at all retailers who serve their delicious coffee. See project »

One of several wood retail signs for Perc Coffee, a coffee roaster based in Savannah, GA.

4. Even

While full color, glossy signs are common, it’s a challenge to actually make them look good. When Even approached us to do exactly that, we worked hard on meeting a high level of fit and finish. See project »

Even glossy blue and white modern dimensional plaque sign

3. Subpar Miniature Golf

Making colorful, whimsical signs for a miniature golf course is a sign studio’s dream come true. This was for the second location of Subpar Miniature Golf at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco.It was quite the spectacle to have a set of golf signs around the shop. See project »

Subpar Mini Golf colorful painted sign on brick wall

2. Holberton School of Software Engineering

Hoberton School came to us for a second sign—this time, at a third of the size as the building sign we made them earlier this year. This was used at a stage for a special event. See project »

Freestanding red stage event letters for Holberton, a computer training school located in San Francisco, CA.

1. Lush Cosmetics

This was by far, the largest single-piece sign we’ve made to date. We made this enormous shipping container sign (and blade sign) for Lush at Zephyr Walk, a shopping area at a tourist destination in San Francisco. See project »

Lush San Francisco Zephyr Walk Large Black and White Modern Retail Container Sign

Ready for your own sign?

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    Superb work! Keep it up.

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    You guys are awesome
    Looking forward to my next visit and a new presentation

  • Eryka Ueltzen

    Thanks! We love that our customers come up with such creative projects!

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